ProjectsVertical Silicone Cure Tower


Custom designed vertical silicone tube curing system utilizing two ChamberIR heaters mounted on an extruded aluminum frame.  The system saves on floor space and maintains the tubing shape while preventing belt tracks and ensures high quality results.  The tower supports inspection, treatment, printing, cutting, and spooling within the tower footprint.

Design Requirements: 
  • Accomodate silicone tubing sizes from .2" to 3.5"
  • Printer integration
  • Cutter integration
  • Turntable integration
  • Non-contact tubing temperature measurement
  • Support line speeds of 0 to 200 fpm
  • Safety ladder access to threading platform
Design Features: 
  • Dual ChamberIR infrared heaters, up to 68KW per chamber
  • Liquid cooled infrared heaters provide fast heat up and minimize fire risk on line stop with fast cooldown
  • Heater ID up to 6.0"
  • Heaters move up 10" for cross-head maintenance access
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Adjustable capstan accomodates tubing from .2" to 3.5"
Support Systems: 
  • Integrated control system for heaters, capstan, and extruder interface
  • VFD for controlling capstan speed
  • X-ray/Laser inspection monitor and control