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ProfileIR 4069P

The ProfileIR 4069P curing system uses high intensity T3 infrared lamps and polished aluminum reflectors to deliver heat precisely where it is needed to cure irregularly shaped profiles. It can instantaneously give a surface cure that eliminates marks that occur when uncured rubber rubs on a conveyor. Depending on the model selected, diameters as small as ¼ inch or as large as 4 inches can be cured. The clamshell heater design is offered in heated lengths of 10, 16, 25 and 38 inches (254, 406, 635 and 965mm) with either 12 or 18 lamp reflectors depending on you product diameter and heating requirements. The lamps in the heater are controlled in six zones so more heat can be directed at the sections of the profile with the most mass and less heat toward the rest. 

The system includes: the ProfileIR 4069P model heater, color touch screen operator interfasce, a split quartz liner, height adjustment with plus/minus 15 degrees of tilt off horizontal, product motion sensing to shut the heater down if the line breaks, and convenient connection points for power, cooling air and cooling water.

Features of the ProfileIR Heater:

  • Short wavelength infrared energy penetrates rubber to initiate a rapid cure.
  • Polished aluminum reflectors focus the energy on precise areas.
  • The lamps in the heater are controlled in 6 zones to deliver the right
    amount of heat to each area of a profile.
  • 12 or 18 lamp heaters accommodate product diameters from ¼ to 4 inches.
  • 10 to 38 inch heated length lamps match different curing requirements.
  • Recipes for 20 different profile cures can be stored and recalled.
  • User friendly operator interface.
  • Product motion detect shuts the power down to the heater when the extrusion breaks or 
    the line unexpectedly stops.
  • Forced air directed over the extrusion may improve cure times and will remove contaminates 
    from the heater during the heating process.
  • Optical pyrometer senses and displays product temperature as a reference.
  • Electric lift provide plus/minus fifteen degree tilt from horizontal allowsin the heater to 
    accommodate droop in the extrusion line.
  • Convenient connections for power, water,and air.
  • A center support is available to eliminate droop on fragile extrusions.